“Priority” is the option from a multitude of options for people to choose from, which option is to be preferred and regarded as the best choice to make, at that moment and based on an evaluation which is not restricted to just that moment. Priorities are set in the context of anticipation of the future,…



Definition of Life: “Life” is a process of anticipation of reality (the Process). Life exists as a process or a conglomeration of processes, which has some capability to adapt to circumstances for which it makes use of knowledge of the repetitive patterns of other processes. Life on earth, stores the knowledge of repetitive patterns in…



  These are some of my thoughts that occurred to me after reading a book called “Geen woorden maar beelden”. The book is made by atelier Herenplaats from Rotterdam and presents their artwork as being Outsider art.   First some definitions, as I use them, in order to construct a foundation to build on.  …