Disclaimer and invitation.

Blogpondering houses some thoughts about all kinds of things that seem to be relevant somehow. The statements made are thoughts and partly speculative. They are not necessarily scientifically proven, nor are they based on mathematical proof. The statements are not to be read as what I believe to be true but more as ideas of how things possibly work. In fact, most likely, the statements often are not a very accurate description of reality but they an attempt. The ideas are what pops up in my mind when thinking things over and hopefully these thoughts and ideas can help to improve the accuracy of my view of reality along the way. The ideas are however not just ideas but ideas that seems to match with observation, my observation that is. Blogpondering contains a snapshot of thoughts which thoughts are in a process of continuous progress of insights. The content of Blogpondering can be seen as source of inspiration for the next thoughts and needs not to be seen as static information without expiry date. The essays in Blogpondering reflect a thinking process. In the process I am repeating myself in order to help the validation of the thinking process. Hopefully this does not get in the way of a pleasant reading experience.

Blogpondering provides room for the reader to leave comments. Readers are invited and encouraged to leave comments that can help to improve the accuracy of the statements made, as being a representation of reality.

The essays in Blogpondering are often written from an I-perspective as it is reflecting a personal observation. In some cases the we-perspective is used when the plural is essential to the description of the situation. However, the statement in the we-perspective is still based on my personal observation.

I encourage the reader to leave messages that indicate to what extent the displayed perception of Blogpondering, agrees or disagrees with the reader’s perception.