Definition of Life:

Life” is a process of anticipation of reality (the Process). Life exists as a process or a conglomeration of processes, which has some capability to adapt to circumstances for which it makes use of knowledge of the repetitive patterns of other processes. Life on earth, stores the knowledge of repetitive patterns in DNA. Life lives on anticipation of the repetitive structures of surrounding processes by means of extrapolation, leading to expectation. Expectation is used to anticipate the Process, increasing the chance to survive the selective process. Anticipation of the Process is the difference between living processes and non-living processes. Life interacts with other processes by making use of memory structures and receptors. Part of the process of organic lifeforms, is to develop generations. Clarification: this definition of “life” concerns the process in general, it is not addressing the conscious activity of an individual from birth to death, which we also call life. The life we humans live and experience is part of “life” and is as such only the top of the iceberg. Most of the processes which are part of our life are beyond our control and are running without us being aware of it. Yet, all these processes are processes of anticipation. This means life’s anticipation is not necessarily an activity in our consciousness, not at all.

(One distinction between life and non-life is that life processes are able to act within more than one distinct course of The Process of cause and effect, since every lifeform is equipped with a set of information on and some programming on how to deal with the laws of physics and The Process of cause and effect.)

Elaboration on the definition of life:

There are many characteristics used to describe the distinction between “life” and non-living things. Renewal into new generations is one of them. At the same time it is not easy to make the distinction at all times as there is a grey area where it seems not so evident whether things are living or not. This is the case for a virus for instance. The problem with a virus to call it life is that it doesn’t survive on its own self; it needs a host. According to certain definitions of life this means a virus is not life. Looking at the definition of life in this essay, a virus is life, as it is a process which has some capability to adapt to circumstances for which it makes use of knowledge of the repetitive patterns of other processes. It lives on anticipation of the repetitive structures of other processes by means of extrapolation. It interacts with other processes by making use of memory structures and receptors.

 Looking at definitions of life, they are often based on the characteristics of the life forms which we see around us, including ourselves. However, the essence of life, the essential characteristic which separates it from non-life, is not evidently visible in lifeforms like ourselves but it is evidently visible in the origin of life. When looking at processes that we call life and when looking at the sources of these processes, where do processes start to become living processes and where do processes stop to be living processes? It is not always easy to tell. One distinction that can be made is in the interaction between processes. In the case of “life”, living processes, there is anticipation in the interaction with other processes. Non-living processes are acting according fixed laws of physics, like all processes do, but non-living processes do not have scenarios of cause and effect of their own, stored in memory, like living processes have. A living process, unlike a non-living process, is able to add an extra dimension to the interaction which it has with the laws of physics. While non-living processes do not have any option than to purely react as designed in the laws of physics, living processes do have the option to act differently and get away with it. A living process has some knowledge about The Process of cause and effect and is able to react not only on the basis of the previous step in the process of interaction but also on the basis of the expectation of the next step. In case it only has knowledge of one possible next step it has no other option than to do as designed, as programmed for anticipating this one step and in case it knows about more possible scenarios it will “chose” the next action based upon that knowledge and based on the design as programmed.  Life does not operate any different than a computer. In the above definition of “life”, a computer is life. It is not organic though. Often we reserve the phrase “life” for organic processes, processes performed in organic structures. In this essay life is not limited to be an organic structure.

Based on what I know about science, I assume that before life came about, at some point in The Process of transformation of energy*), it happened for the first time that a process started to anticipate other processes. How come, how did that happen? In order to be able to anticipate, memory is needed. How come something like memory is being developed? Is it a logical thing to happen? Why or why not? Under which circumstances is this happening? Is it coincidental? Is the origin of life like a second Big Bang; having an unknown source or cause? Why did it happen or why would it not happen and where did it came from?

I will briefly discuss these matters in the next thoughts.

Life is a process which makes use of repetition of other processes and lives on its anticipation of the repetitive structures of these processes by means of extrapolation. Extrapolation is a way of predicting what will happen next, based on what has happened before. In order for life to do this it needs to have access to a memory structure. The capability for anticipation of a process of life, is limited to a certain scope. Changes in circumstances over time will stretch the necessary scope of anticipation and of the necessary adaption, in order for the process to keep going. For individual forms of life, like organisms, the capability of stretching the scope is limited which limitation may lead to death. Looking at these life forms over generations, looking at species for example, the ability to stretch the scope of anticipation capability is increasing compared to one individual, although not necessarily fast enough to keep up with the speed of change. Life is mortal as it is sensitive for changes in the patterns of repetition which the life process is designed for to anticipate. Life has a life-time. Individual instances of life, like organs or organisms, degrade, as some parts of the life processes which it is made of, are not capable to keep up with the continuous repetition in patterns it is dealing with. Even if there is no change in the repetitive pattern, the pattern itself is a continuous cycle of change, a continuous transformation of energy, which a life process has to deal with. All processes, the life process and the surrounding processes are part of The Process of continuous transformation of energy. As everything is subject to transformation, all processes are having a life-time, a beginning and an end. A process starts as the result of transformation of another process and it ends in transformation into another process. The process of life is a process which keeps on going based on the anticipation it has with the surrounding processes but even if there is no change over time in the pattern of the surrounding processes, the life process itself is subject to change. The life process consists of many processes of repetition, working together, all of it being transformation of energy. Apparently the continuous cycling of repetitive processes is not inert, as some of the transformation will leak energy to the surrounding processes. During the course of this, change is inescapable. In order to keep the life process from being stopped, renewal is done by regeneration. Aging happens because a process in iteration, a process which repeats itself, is transferring some of its energy to the environment with each cycle, therefor being unable to repeat itself for the full 100 %, unless it is being fed. In every iteration some energy is handed over to the connecting processes. (This is a spiralling process, it increases relatively over time). This is happening because of The Process of transformation of energy not being 100% committed to the cause. The Process of transformation of energy is 100% efficient; energy does not get lost. The Process of transformation redistributes the energy continuously, making it impossible to retain energy in its current state. That is why a distinct process is never capable of staying the same and will always develop into another state of being.   

My thoughts is a mental process which is derived from physics, it is built on physics. It is built on the reliability of repeating physical structures. The mind is developed in and is working in the field of physical forces of attraction and repulsion, which forces form reliable repeating structures following fixed preferences in a process of continuous development. The mind observes, registers and extrapolates based on reliable repetition of observations. The mind is working under the drive of feelings and uses logic*) to work to a feeling of preference. Logic is the extrapolation of observation of cause and effect; an estimation of what will happen in the future. All this is based on repeating physical structures, on memory and processing power by iterating cycles of input and output. My mind is a process based on this repetition, based on the repeating structures it is connected to, having the purpose to make an estimation of the future, of the next steps to follow. This process is made possible by the repetition of physics. The process of “seeing” the future is called life. Life is a process that is anticipating the future based on repetition of cause and effect.

The driver of these processes which are looking into the future by looking back, and are called life is a process of, possibly at random, reconfiguration of energy, in combination with a process of selection. In this process, selection is taken place, according fixed preferences; processes continue (survive) and processes stop (die), resulting in a developing world of repeating structures which are the surviving processes. The preferences concern standards in behaviour caused by fixed forms of attraction and repulsion of structures of energy, resulting in forces. Life is the process that anticipates other processes. For that it needs repetition in the processes it interacts with and it needs memory; resulting in a context of past, present and future. Life is about surviving, the life process “wants” to survive as it is ”hovering” above the physical non-anticipating processes of repetition, life operating in the future of anticipation.

If one knows the laws of physics and all the parameter values of the situation, one can predict how The Process of cause and effect will unfold. This is valid for all that is participating in repeating patterns. All we can observe is repeating patterns. What is not repetitive is outside our capability of observation. All processes are part of one and the same process which is The Process of transformation of energy. I consider it possible that energy is continuously transforming in a way which is at random and of which only certain types of transitions are being repetitive. The repetitive transformation is repetitive because it is allowed to exist by a process of selection which is acting using fixed criteria for attraction and repulsion, resulting in fixed laws of physics in the way as we can observe.  

Life is making use of fixed patterns of transformation of energy which are following the laws of physics. Life seems to have a purpose to develop an increasing capability to interact in anticipation, with the fixed patterns of transformation of energy, in order to adapt and to meet with the standards of the Selective Process and therefor to extend life time. Life is a process trying to stay alive, meaning to anticipate certain repetitive patterns of physics. It does so as a result of the selection which has led to its design, in an evolutionary process. A life ends due to change that the life is not sufficiently equipped for. Continuous change over time is one of those changes that life can only be equipped for until a certain amount. Lifeless processes, are repetitive structures following the laws of physics and processes of life are using these repeating and predictable processes of physics to anticipate the course of cause and effect, enhancing the chance for the living process to stay active. This means that the living process is having an advantage in the Selective Process (which process makes processes to cease their activity or to remain active) as the anticipation of repetitive structures is the equivalent of anticipation of The Selective Process where the structures derive from. Within the given situation of laws of physics and The Continuous Transformation of Energy, many processes and sub processes are being generated. All processes are subject to evaluation by a selective process represented by laws of physics. Some processes are meeting the criteria, seemingly regardless the changing circumstances, and become generic processes hosting sub processes. The earth rotating around the sun for example. This is because the changing circumstances on earth are not relevant for this particular process to take place and the circumstances which are relevant, do not change much, according the human perception that is. Other processes have a starting point and an ending point which are clearer to see for us but all is in accordance with the laws of physics. This is true just as well for the earth rotating around the sun, it did start to do so at some point, but within the time frame of the human process, it always did. The starting point for all processes is derived from the Design*). The Design can be seen as the source for the starting point of all processes is in the Process*) of cause and effect and also for the end, all by following the laws of physics. This results in many processes to cease running, shortly after they started while other processes may run longer. A process is being stopped by the laws of physics as soon as the process does not comply with the laws. However, an exceptional situation occurs when the process anticipates this and adapts accordingly. The process still needs to comply of course but in this case it will, because of the adaption. When this mechanism takes place we are dealing with life. The key of life is in this very moment; remaining compliant with the laws of physics through adaption by anticipation, based on recognition of repetitive patterns. It is possible that this very moment occurred once, in an ad random way and from then on became a process that is self-sustaining as it is anticipating the selective process.  As long as the anticipation is relatively successful, the process has eternal life. A non-living process, like the earth spinning, may not cease activity easily either but this is not due to anticipation and adaption to circumstances, but due to the circumstances not being reason for the process to be stopped.

The mechanism of evolution is selection and survival combined with regeneration made possible by recombination providing diversity. The Selective Process results in diversity caused by diversity in circumstances resulting in specialism on the level of individual organisms. On the level of populations, selection results in an all-round capability for coping with an existing scale of different circumstances through the availability of specialists. The Continuous Transformation of Energy is a process of regeneration. Regenerations of life is done by forming new combinations of existing processes. The design of the processes is kept in DNA. DNA holds a design which is built on top of the Design. The content of DNA is based on recognition of repetition. New generations have additional knowledge on repetitive structures stored in the DNA. Regeneration of non-life is done by The Process of continuous transformation of energy, regardless of any stored knowledge of repetition except for the fixed preferences of The Selective Process. Living processes have evolved from non-living processes by selection and regeneration. The selection is done by the laws of physics being predictable and the regeneration is done through The Process of continuous transformation of energy.

Somehow there is a drive for processes to stay “alive”, meaning to follow the laws of physics. A possible explanation of how this works is as follows. Transformation of energy is taking place continuously. The total amount of energy does not change while the shape of energy is always changing. This characteristic points to a circular process, a process which is repeating itself over and over again, staying the same but in a different stage, like a wheel turning or indeed a cpu of a computer. One could think of a certain frequency of iteration of this circular process, comparable with the clock speed of a cpu. How about c being the clock speed? One can think of The Process of transformation of energy as an iterative process possibly being subject to a process of Boolean or binary selection; resulting in approval Yes or No. Transformation which not follows the laws only occurs once, possibly being responsible for what is called dark matter and is not detectable because it is not reoccurring. The other part, which does follow the laws, is repetitive and detectable. Processes which do follow the laws of physics are “kept alive”, until interaction with other processes interfere. The “will” to stay alive is in the engine of transforming energy, combined with the selective criteria and anticipation on these criteria. The “will” is the result of the selection, it is derived from the selection since without this property of “will”, the process would not be selected for approval. “Will” is the result of a process, which has, like all processes, no reason to stop other than the Selective Process, but with the distinction that the process having “will” has a program built in which makes the process anticipate the Selective Process. This may results in a situation in which a process has a sub process which is being stopped by the Selective Process but which does not make the process itself stop since the main process is able to adapt to this situation using its in-built program. This mechanism is regarded as being will. The evolutionary process of developing through selection by survival is not only working for life but for all processes of transformation of energy. If one can make a distinction in new processes of transformation which are lasting and which are not lasting, obviously the world will be made out of the first one. A process, being a distinct sub process of transformation of energy, does not stop running by itself. Once the process is started there is no reason to stop unless an external impulse will make it stop. This is following the law of conservation of energy. The will to survive and the persistence of life is not so much an effort but is coming from the processes which are in place and do not stop for no reason. First and foremost, at least in our awareness, the will to survive is in the process of anticipation. This process tells us to adapt when necessary in order to be compliant with the Selective Process but it also gives us a feeling of joy when we succeed and it shows us a future ahead of us to strive for. Secondly and moreover, the complex of processes which forms life is not easily stopped in case part of it is dysfunctional. The other part may still have not received the external impulse to be stopped. When I’m out of breath I’m not desperately trying to breathe because I want to survive, I’m just being confronted with some processes not being optimal and others which are happily continuing what they are doing, leaving me in a state of despair and seemingly trying to survive. Processes seem to have a drive to survive which actually is the fact that processes do not stop without a sufficient external impulse.  

I consider it possible it is a matter of chance to have an at random transformation of energy occur for the first time, which stays alive based on the anticipation of repetition and the reliability of the repetition. This would be the building block for life in its basic fundamental form and from there it could evolve into memory and DNA based on the increasing chance of survival, meaning based on an advantage in the Selective Process. But before this can happen certain steps must have occurred first. First there needs to be a fair amount of reliable repetition. Then the building blocks for memory*) need to be available. Key for the process of starting life is the combination of The Process of continuous transformation of energy with the Selective Process which combination is the enabler of all repetition, of all we are able to observe. Considering that the Transformation of Energy is a circular process with a clock speed (c?) which enables countless different transformations beyond our capability of imagination and observation, then the start of a living process is a logical (perhaps inevitable) thing to happen when the process is combined with the Selective Process as described above.

DNA is the library of the design of specific anticipation on repetitive patterns of processes. Evolution of life is developing anticipation. DNA is the manual holding the instructions for the future based upon the past. The development is in the adaption which occurs when the process of anticipation is combined with the Selective Process. For a process to stay “alive” it needs to keep acting according the laws of nature and not be interfered effectively in doing this by other processes. Therefor the process needs to adapt to the changes in circumstances which do interfere. For the process of humanity this is done through regeneration of DNA, every 25 years on the level of individuals, more or less. A selective process is steering the development. The resulting distinct selection is based on survival, on staying alive, which is the same as being compliant to the laws of physics, not so much as an organism but as a process of nature. As an example; a person can walk up a mountain, going against gravity. Normally no non-living process can do this except for the mountain itself as it was created by a process which was stronger than the force of gravity. Walking up a mountain is made possible by the anticipation of what will follow in the process of cause and effect. In general the laws of physics result in sets of forces which shape the world that we are seeing around us. Gravity is one of the forces that is part of the sets. Overcoming the force of gravity means changing the balance in the set of forces at work, in a way that overpowers the force of gravity in that set. Walking up the mountain is still in compliancy with the laws of physics, obviously, but the process of walking up the mountain is made possible only because the process has inside information on the laws and has knowledge of what to expect for the next steps of cause and effect to happen. This counts for the person who is walking and for all the internal sub processes of the body of this person just as well. The knowledge of what to expect for the next steps of cause and effect is not just an awareness of the person climbing up the mountain but more over it is incorporated in the system of the organism as a whole, as it is built in order to anticipate these steps.

A process starts as transforming energy following laws of physics and being part of the overall Process of cause and effect. As long as the process is doing this, there is no reason for it to stop. A process “wants to stay alive” in accordance with the drive that made it start in the first place. One can compare this with the well-known process of falling dominoes. But falling dominoes can easily stop falling because of a flaw in the process. As soon as the process is not complying with the laws of physics for this particular case of cause and effect to take place, it will be stopped. If this was a life process it may adapt to the situation and possibly continue. Other than that, a process keeps going as it was started, being under the influence of the drive of transformation of energy. The transformation of energy is a continuous constant of change resulting in an endless chain of cause and effect. It introduces continuous change of circumstances and at the same time it shows patterns of repetition as a result of an unchanging, fixed design of laws of nature. So the world unfolds itself being a process following the Design, like fireworks, it follows cause and effect having a predictable result. Like adaption of life through the process of evolution, one could think of any process of transformation of energy which is kept alive, being the result of adaption to the selective process of the laws of physics. In the case of non-living processes this adaption is not done actively but passively. Life processes are actively adapting to The Selective Process. Non-living processes are the result of The Process of transformation of energy filtered by the activity of The Selective Process. The action of adaption is with the combined activity of The Process of transformation of energy and the activity of The Selective Process. The result is non-living processes passively adapted to this situation. This is comparable with the adaption of species of life which do not adapt actively during the lifetime of a generation of individuals but passively through the regeneration which is subject to selection. When this passive form of adaption happens with the original process remaining in place, a generation with memory is formed. Having two different versions of the same process is not expected to be happening, not expected to be allowed by The Selective Process. Since the laws of physics are rigid and fixed, not subject to any change, it is to be expected that under the same circumstances, any new version of a process is not compliant to the laws of physics and under changed circumstances, a new version of a process may be compliant and the old one not anymore. One of the two version is expected not to be compliant to the laws of physics and expected to be killed, unless both versions are compliant if they work in togetherness, as a unit. This means that a new version of the original process is built on top of the old one, in a relationship of dependency on the old one and v.v. DNA is the stored history of former versions of processes, DNA is version management. In the situation as described so far, we are dealing with a situation in which life starts when adaption takes place, assumingly initially as per ad random “mutation”, being transformation of energy kept alive by the selective process and at the same time having the original process intact as well, as being a repetitive pattern. The new version consists of the original process plus an add-on using the original process as utility, which is still a valid process in conjunction with the add-on and which acts as a memory structure for the add-on. We have a parent-child relationship. This works as long as the repetition of the original process is reliable, since the new version depends on it. The driver for the start of the new versions is continuous transformation of energy together with selection by fixed preferences. New versions are developing into the direction of survival, of approval, of compliancy. Processes which anticipate changing circumstances are surviving. Anticipation is built on recognition of repetition. Life is a structure of processes that incorporates knowledge of repetition and repetitive structures and uses this knowledge as a tool to be compliant with the laws of physics and the Selective Process in a speculative way of anticipation. It is like going to the stock market having inside information; it is having an advantage compared to the other processes by having an improved capability of compliancy.    

 A living organism is a complex of processes working together as a unit, like being a little universe by itself. The origin of life is in the moment that a process of transformation of energy is started on top of an existing and lasting process of repetition. The process of life is using the existing repetitive process and acts like a parasite, like a virus. The origin of life is in the creation of memory, being the storage for the pattern of repetition of the initial existing process and which is accessed to be used for anticipation by the process of life. The origin of life is in the creation of a structure which holds the information of the existing repetition, all made by The Process of transformation of energy in combination with the Selective Process. The driver for the synthesis of memory is the Selective Process. Memory creates increasing adaptive capabilities of the life process making use of anticipation (a view on the future) which is leading to an increased level of survival of the process, meaning compliancy with the Selective Process. The reason for the starting point of life is unclear but is expected to be the result of cause and effect and may or may not be the result of ad random continuous transformation of energy. Is there an incentive which is steering the ad random process in a particular direction? Possibly but not necessarily as the direction can also be given by the molding of a selective process. The transformation of energy may be ad random but at the same time it is developing in a certain direction forming structures upon structures. This seems to have resulted in development of structures. Structures like an atom with a single proton, atoms with more protons, molecular structures made out of atoms, material structures of distinct molecules, material structures of diverse molecules, structures of organic material having memory structures, structures like single cells, structures having structures of multiple cells, structures having multiple structures of diverse cells. The (relatively) amazing complexity of certain life forms stems from the structure of a cell and its capability to split itself into two cells. All structures are based upon repetition, or more accurately put, at least all observational structures are based upon repetition. Life is a process that adapts to and connects to surrounding processes in anticipation of repetition in the processes. Life acts like an aerialist reaching out and catching another aerialist in the air. Life is a process which acts having knowledge of the situation it is acting in. The difference between life and non-life is that life can act within more than one course of cause and effect. For non-life processes there are no options, they are just being cause and effect. Life processes do have options in how they act. They have inside knowledge of the next steps to be expected, knowledge of cause and effect. Life is designed for its capability to adapt, increasing the chance of survival. While the world around the life process unfolds inescapably following cause and effect, the life process continuously adapts to circumstances of cause and effect. The life process is in a constant state of disagreement with the Selective Process but it manages to survive as long as it is able to sufficiently adapt to the Selective Process. This describes the struggle of life. Life is a process hovering over the existing processes which processes are following the main Process of cause and effect, playing with these processes in a game of anticipation. In the life process, a structure is built in, which enables anticipation. The key of this mechanism is memory along with processing power and sensors. Together these are respectively enabling the process to deal with past, present and future. A life process does not only operate in one point in time but it operates in the context of a time span which is made possible by the repetitive nature of its surroundings together with the knowledge on this repetition. During this time span there can be several or many options of what will happen next. This opposed to a non-living process which has only one option at the time and as soon as this process cannot meet the requirements of this single option it will be killed and another process may take over the activity. The options which are available for the process of life is not an arbitrary choice to be made, meaning that the distinct choices are indeed limited in count and are depending on what is stored in memory. The options are the several courses of cause and effect which are part of the surrounding processes that the life process is able to connect with and which are known in memory. The available choices to be made by the life process are determined by the patterns of repetition which are stored in memory.

Life is the introduction of parameters in physics. A parameter is a placeholder in memory for a value which value can be variable and which interacts with the process of anticipation. A parameter can be filled with multiple unique values having distinct consequences for the process to follow. Life introduces sub processes which operate within the framework of the laws of physics but which are not as rigid, since the processes can anticipate by means of having multiple distinct reactions ready to perform, depending on more than one possibility in the parameter value. The handling of multiple options by multiple possibilities of parameter values, is often referred to as “choice”, making the sub process flexible in execution, thus enabling evolution through selection and adaptation. Life incorporates new structures of sub processes into existing structures, new structures having parameter settings which suit the selective process.  Pebbles are not considered life; they can be unique in shape, like organisms are unique instances of life processes, but pebbles are all part of the same process; being stone and lacking unique distinction and differentiation in process behaviour. Without “choice” = alternatives in anticipation = diversity in sub processes, there is no life. What we call “choice” is the control over which value we will give to certain parameters. Still the amount of alternatives for life processes is limited and the alternatives that lead to selection and adaptation are relatively few. The “law of physics” that applies here is the reality of the Design. In the end it is as it is and life is bound to the framework of laws of physics. Within that framework, life and humanity is developing into a direction determined by Design and following a Process of limited flexibility which leads to adaption through anticipation reacting on parameter values which guides it through selection and regeneration. When we make a choice, it may not be any different from the life processes around us and within us which fill the values of parameters seemingly automatically but actually indeed in anticipation as well. The process is comparable with the flow of water in a stream. Water will go down and only go down, as it is following the framework of laws of physics. How it will go down, through which path, is depending on the values of parameters, still limited to the scale of non-life physics. Life physics has structures of parameter driven processes that are built on top of each other. Human life, I reckon, is the structure with the highest amount of these structures build on top of each other. In our behaviour we have several options. Which one is the best option, is defined by the selection in the process that will follow. That means that the steering of the process and of choice, is left to the parameter settings of the circumstances in combination with the parameter settings of the process involved, like us for example. This creates an enormous amount of potential possibilities of which a relatively low number will actually occur at one time and which are all limited to work within the framework of laws of physics; the Design. This means the Design compels things in a framework which is as it is and within this framework there are endless possibilities for sub processes to develop and evolve. At the level of organisms, like us, the steering of the anticipation is guided through feeling and intuition. We are driven by an incentive*) which is constantly looking for a better feeling and we are able to anticipate on that. The way we feel is depending on the state of all the sub processes that are within us and which ultimately have to comply with the laws of physics and comply with our design of being alive.

Part of our design as living process is incentive. The decision to be made when making a choice is steered by incentive. The incentive is part of the program, the design, which program is formed by the Selective Process. The incentive can be hard-coded or depending on variables. In case of a relatively simple life process like a virus I reckon it is mostly hard-coded incentive which does the steering of behaviour. In the case of man for example, it is mostly a preference for feelings which is steering. Looking at relatively simple life forms like a virus, the options are few. The behaviour of the virus, as acting with options, is relatively predictable. Looking at me as life form, most of the options are predictable but not all. A lot of my behaviour is as expected; I am walking, I am sleeping, I am eating. I have not much choice in this. Yet the amount of information stored in me about the surrounding processes (based on repetition), stored in my DNA as a library memory and in my brain as a random access memory, enables me to interact with the processes around me, with me having a certain capability of predicting the near future. I can see things coming sometimes and often have a fair idea of the possible implications. Not so much because I’m clever but because I have knowledge of the repetitive patterns of processes, knowledge that I’m hardly aware of having. Without the knowledge which I have in my active memory, residing in my brain, I am like a plant. As soon as I start to use the active memory in my brain, I would be like a new born baby. A new born baby at first relies for a great deal on all the information which is stored in the DNA, acting as the basis to survive on, relatively fit for ordinary circumstances. The circumstances do need to include parenting in order for the baby to survive and this parenting circumstances are part of the overall strategy for survival of the process of mankind. The overall process is able to deliver the parenting that is needed, in general. Individuals may be vulnerable but human kind as a whole has great capacity of adaption and survival, because of the broad capacity for anticipation on circumstances. The Selective Process which allowed the development of the creature that I am, does not only allów me but practically promotes me, as I am the result of a thorough process of selection. Human development through evolution can be explained by the recombination of DNA particles in the context of a selective process. The development through evolution of processes in general, which do not make use of recombination, can be explained by continuous transformation of energy in the context of a selective process. My relatively extraordinary capabilities of anticipation, compared to other life forms, is a logical result of the evolutionary process. In this the brain acts like the control room for the process of anticipation.


Life is speculation on repetitive patterns by means of extrapolation. As soon as there are reliable repetitive patterns, it is rewarding for processes to make use of this reliability in order to increase the chance of survival, or in other words, in order to please the Selective Process. That does not explain how a process stárts to anticipate repetition but it does explain how such a process of anticipation is stimulated. The Selective Process will not easily lead to the termination of the living process, as the living process is anticipating the selective mechanism which mechanism allows the repetitive patterns to exist. But how is the initial process of life started? Is it at random, by coincidence or is it inevitable or is it perhaps intentional? **) One may see the step of starting a life process, a process having and using memory, as part of the evolutionary Process of Transformation of Energy. The transformation could or could not be at random but in both cases it is subject to the Selective Process of the laws of physics. The laws of physics are fundamentally a design of fixed preferences of attraction and repulsion. The transformation of energy can be seen as a dynamics of structures of forces which structures are continuously being restructured. Before the step of starting a life process, having memory, many evolutionary steps have been made already, leading to complexity in structures from basic atoms to molecules and structures of molecules. Part of this evolution is the forming of water molecules and oxygen molecules for example. Water and oxygen are patterns of repetition, it is not one molecule but many. The evolutionary process is typically leading to increased complexity of structures as structures are being formed by combination of existing structures. One new structure is built on the existing structure. It does not come from out of nowhere, it is following a path of cause and effect and can be traced back to an origin, at least in theory. The driver behind the increase of complexity in structures is The Continuous Transformation of Energy in combination with the design of preferences of attraction and repulsion, leading to repetitive structures. How does one molecule of water become many? In the same way as one molecule was formed. In which direction are structures being developed? In the direction it is allowed to, by means of selection according fixed preferences of attraction and repulsion. This way structures are being developed in increasing complexity being structures of collaborating processes being specialized in delivering specific output being input for the connected processes, in togetherness forming structures having increased chance of survival, meaning approval by the Selective Process which selects according the fixed preferences for attraction and repulsion. Molecules are processes, formed by sub processes of atoms and particles (also processes of interacting forces), taking part of a bigger process of survival, meaning of approval by fixed preferences of attraction and repulsion. Individual molecules may be vulnerable and not capable to survive for long but still they exist in abundance as they contribute to the bigger process they are part of which process is successful in surviving and developing. Complexity in structures is often vulnerable but it answers to the fixed preferences of attraction and repulsion, at least in specific circumstances; creation being unfold. At some point structures of molecules are formed which can act as memory, enabling life. The life process is able to use past (memory), present (observation) and future (anticipation by extrapolation) in its existence, giving it the ability to adapt to circumstances. This is beneficial for survival of the process. The ability to adapt is merely the reason why the process exists. It is the reason why it is allowed by The Selective Process, to be developed. Life is being developed by the evolutionary process as soon as the earlier steps of evolution have created complex structures to be building blocks for structures like memory and senses. These structures are coming into existence in the same way; they are allowed by The Selective Process according fixed preferences of attraction and repulsion, to be developed, developed in the direction which is opened by the Selective Process.    

I am a process which tries to survive, but only for the designed life time. At some point I get old, meaning the external impulses take over and start to stop sub processes which are part of me. At some point in this process I, as a process, will prefer to die as I ran out of options to be compliant to the Selective Process. This is no big loss as it is just how it is supposed to be. I am a generation, a part of a bigger process. My life is not a purpose on its own, the purpose of my life is to keep the main process alive and to be part of its development, the development steered by the Selective Process. The main process I am part of, is mankind and its evolution. It is possible that there is a purpose for mankind in this way as well, being part of a bigger process. But “purpose” is hard to define in this case as purpose is normally limited to human values. All detectable processes, all we know, because of its repetitive nature, is part of the Process of Transformation of Energy. To what purpose is unclear to me and to mankind.

*)  See the definition in the appendix.

**) There are 2 ways to make a jigsaw puzzle. 1; look at the pieces carefully and determine one by one where they belong without trial and error( the trial and error is performed in the mind in a process of anticipation) or 2; pick up the pieces one by one in an ad random way and try whether they fit or not. The second way is comparable with the process of cracking a code by trying all possible combinations / possibilities until one combination proofs to give the correct result of cause and effect that allows for the next step to happen. Once the code is cracked it can be used over and over again as it proofs to be approved by the selective process which results in repetitive structures to exist. Once the code is cracked one can use it intentionally for its purposes.

Appendix; definitions.

“The Process” is the chain of events, being action and reaction, by cause and effect, which forms reality and space-time, in the past, the present and the future. The Process is visible to us, detectable, where it has repeating patterns. All we see, exists in plural and behaves in accordance with the repeating patterns of the Process, like the laws of physics. The Process is the result of The Continuous Transformation of Energy into another form, in combination with the selective preferences in attraction and repulsion as dictated by the Design. The Process derives from the Design. The Process is the dynamic execution of the never changing Design. An atom for instance, is a process, a sub process of The Process. An atom is a process of forces of energy which are forming a certain balanced situation in the interaction which consists of attraction and repulsion.

“The Selective Process” is a process of selection which selection is the result of the preferences as determined by the Design, resulting in repetitive structures of forces of attraction and repulsion in The Continuous Transformation of Energy. The Selective Process shapes The Continuous Transformation of Energy and allows The Process to unfold in a way which is compliant with the Design only. All this is leading to The Process of cause and effect being compliant with the laws of physics.

“Logic” is the effect of the supposition that certain things cannot exist at the same time; one rules out the other; the supposition that things cannot be true and false at the same time. Logic is based on observation and is the result of deduction; the result of the question true or false. Logic is based on repetition of physical structures. Logic can be applied to construct an estimation of the future by extrapolation of the observation of cause and effect. 

“Memory” is a representation of reality which representation is stored in order to be accessed and used to act as input for a process.

“Energy” Who knows what Energy is? Energy is whatever there is. Whatever there is, it’s Energy.  Science says: energy is the capacity to do work, or the potential for change or E=mc2. A source of energy, like the sun or fuel, gives energy. That means it adds something to an existing process. What is added in this process alters or contributes to the system of attraction and repulsion that exists within that process.

“The Continuous Transformation of Energy” Continuous means there is always something going on, there is no standstill. Transformation means a change as in an alteration of one and the same thing. Transformation means there is no loss and no gain but things are different, it just is not the same as it was before. The Continuous Transformation of Energy is what can be observed in nature; nothing stays the same, yet, while all is in a process of alteration, the total amount of energy does stay the same. This points to a cycling process.

“Reality” is what is making a difference, what exists. This as opposed by what is in our minds, being thoughts and perception, not being reality but an image of reality. Reality exists as a process of cause and effect that is generating time and space. Reality can exist in the now, the past and in the future, here and elsewhere, which means reality is what is making a difference, what was making a difference and what will be making a difference, what exists, has existed and will exist.

“The Design” is the reality as it is manifested consistently. It can be regarded as unchanging, as a fixed asset. Evolution is part of the Design just as the fixed preferences in attraction and repulsion which exist as the forces of nature.

Clarification: Reality is as it is, and in the case of humanity we can say that we are as we are; according the Design. “You are what you is”. The phrase “Design” is used to indicate that we are dealing with a reality that does not change over time and that is the origin of The Process of cause and effect, meaning we are not as we are without a cause. In The Process there are patterns of repetition that behave consistently and that do not change just like that, like the laws of physics for instance. Humanity is part of the Design and behaves according the properties that are laid down in the Design, by evolution for example. In the Design of human kind, diversity is essential. Without diversity there is no evolution and without diversity it is not possible for people to complement each other and to be of added value. Every individual is unique and this uniqueness is part of the Design.

“Incentive” is a motivating, stimulating reward that drives behaviour or it is a reason for specific action or a leading argument for a choice. On a more fundamental level, incentive is a force which determines a specific course of cause and effect. An example of an incentive is the bonus an employee can get in case a certain achievement is made. An example of an incentive is the bonus an employee can get in case a certain achievement is made.

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