Dear Mr Trump

Dear Mr Trump,


It is not important what you think.

What is important is what the others think.

Including the others brings you closer to reality.


Leadership is not about oneself but about the others.

Leadership is about including the others.


I do think you mean well, but building walls and excluding people is not helpful.

It is not helpful to these people and so it is not helpful to you either.

All people are made in such a way that they depend and rely on each other, and so are you.


True leadership is not about self-interest but about the bigger picture, the common ground.

Leadership is about elimination of exclusion by elimination of threat.

Under true leadership people do not have reason to feel threatened.

This can only be achieved by including all people.


One cannot live in peace while people are excluded and being threatened.

One cannot be free when one has built a wall around oneself.

One cannot experience the joy of life to the fullest when one is in conflict with others.


This does not mean one has to be kind.

It means one needs to be free from judgement and at peace with reality and reality includes everything.

Only then there is room for prosperity to grow to the full potential.

Prosperity not being just wealth but quality of life, the bottom-line priority.

Prosperity is generated by cooperation and working together, and so is happiness.


Dear Americans,

Please, next time you hear someone say “America first”, vote for the other candidate.

Be aware that it is you who is responsible.


Dear Russians,

Please read the above.

It applies to you as well, as for all other citizens in this world.


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